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Workshops! 2.0

Soooo, I posted a poll in regards to how we could go about doing a workshop in this comm, since there seemed to be some interest, but so far, including myself, only two people have voted. So that tells me one of two things, people are incredibly busy and haven't seen it, or that people are just not interested. If you're not interested, please indicate this in this poll. If you are and simply haven't had the change to take a look at the poll, here's the link.


Poll #1673425 Worshops in this comm?

Would you like this comm to also feature worshops?

Depends how often
Would love to but don't have time
Other (please comment)


I went to a fanfic writing class at a local university (it wasn't for credit, but still...) and there was only 4 people in the class. It was still awesome!

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Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't mind small groups, merely that it's always better to have more than two people :-P.
Oh, I do agree. I love having a whole group of people talking about writing. It's too much fun!
Yep, which is why I'm so hopeful we might be able to do that here also. Not only helping each other with our stories, but helping to grow and become better at it.